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The Art of Gunsmithing

Gunsmithing is a craft that has long been a part of American history and culture. Gunsmiths have been responsible for some of the most historic technological advancements in firearm history, their raw skills and artistry making them unique to the trade. Are you interested in becoming a gunsmith? Whether it's the career path you'd like to take, or a hobby you'd like to pick up - the NRA Gunsmithing Schools offer you all that you need to become one.

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The gunsmith trade teaches how to repair, assemble, modify or build firearms.

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There are four NRA approved NRA Gunsmithing Schools across the United States.

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Gun making was transformed from a craft to an industrial enterprise in the late 18th century.

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For questions regarding NRA Gunsmithing School courses or curriculum, please contact the school directly. Visit our Find a School page for contact information.

For any additional questions, email [email protected] for more information.

NRA Gunsmithing Schools

Explore the art and craft that has long been a part of American history and culture, attend an NRA Gunsmithing school.